Jennifer Lynette Sterger known as Jenn Sterger was born in Miami on November 29, 1983. She studied at Gaither High School and later Florida State University, where she began to make a name for herself. Sterger and three other FSU students, CJ Perry, Allison Torres, and Jessica Fuqua, became famous at school because they always wore skimpy clothes and cowboy hats to soccer matches. Then, during a Miami-Florida football match broadcast on ABC Sports, Sterger and her girls gained popularity after being spotted by cameras.

Quick Info
Full Name Jennifer Lynette Sterger
Date Of BirthNovember 29, 1983
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
Parent(s) Leo Sterger
Age38 Years
Body Measurement
Nationality American
Hair Color Black
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignN/A
Martial StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s) Cody Decker
Net Worth$1.5 million

After graduating from college, Sterger started modeling. He requested several Playboy and Maxim magazines. In March 2008, Sterger was seen on E! TV by Byte Me: 20 Hot Women on the Internet. After that, Sterger switched to brands like Sprint and Dr. Pepper.


 Jenn Sterger Early life

Jennifer Lynette Sterger, known as, Jenn Sterger was born in Miami, Florida. She graduated from high school in Florida. After that, she moved to Tampa to continue her studies. She has done a double degree in her bachelor’s. Having a good personality, she always likes to keep her life simple.

Upon completing her bachelor’s degree, she decided to become a cheer girl at Florida State University. Her job was to wear attractive clothes and enjoy the party. As a regular daily routine, she was cheerleading in the game of football. But that game changed her life completely.

Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger Career

During a football match between Florida State University and Miami, she was cheering the crowds with his friends. Suddenly, the photographer stared at her for about fifteen seconds. While playing live on ABC Television, the analyst quoted, “1,500 red-blooded men suddenly decided to apply in Florida State.” It was the first time she had found and prioritized her professional career. Various magazines, including Maxim, called her for a photo shoot. Although rejected as a model in the past days, she was accepted by Maxim.


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Sterger applied for various magazines while in high school. Her love of modeling grew after her friends praised her breasts and body shape. Therefore, she has decided to contact multiple modeling organizations. But, unfortunately, her height is only 5’2. That is why all the organizations were rejecting because of his shortness.

Sterger gave up her ambition to become a professional model until she was approached by Maxim, a well-known men’s magazine with actresses and models. Maxim made the connection because she received the ABC news. Later, she gave a Playboy nude photoshoot and made her a celebrity model. Many years later, she explained, looking for a nude photo was not a bad thing because it was visible at the time. After becoming a model, Sterger also worked as a spokesman for Dr. Pepper, a soft drinks company, and Sprint, a communications company. She quickly accepted various media outlets and gave interviews that helped her gain popularity.

Jenn Sterger
Image Source: Pinetrest

By modeling, Sterger was constantly learning from other celebrities and doing the hard work of preserving her body. But she hid the secret with her breasts. In 2009, during an interview, she explained that she did not need breast implants. She said she no longer wanted to do photoshoots because her interest in modeling had diminished. After modeling, she wanted to do TV shows.


Jenn Sterger Controversy

The controversy began in 2008 when Brett Favre signed the Jets. Favre was generous. He had donated to many charities and social services. However, Brett’s fans could not believe Jenn’s allegations, so she was trolled like a Gold Digger. His fans described Sterger as an unsuccessful woman who wanted to ruin his superstar career. But a Sterger fan also responded to the troll. They showed commitment to her and kept her unstressed.

Sterger told the media that she had once been depressed because her trolls were spreading in Myspace. In a short time, Sterger got into the mainstream media headlines. She boldly took the initiative to expose Favre through a prominent magazine. Leaked photos and audio clips were strong evidence of Favre’s decision. But a problem arose when she spoke to ABC. In the interview, she explained that she did not see Favre directly or as he. So why did Favre try to send these texts? This mystery remains unresolved for a long time.


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However, the committee investigated the outcome was not in her favor. But Favre had to pay a $ 50,000 fine for misconduct. The commission concluded that there was no solid evidence that Favre had sent the photos. And Favre has freed himself from these allegations. Nevertheless, Jenn’s reputation tarnished Favre’s reputation. Gradually, his reputation was marred by controversy. There were rumors that Favre and Sterger could be resolved. However, in time Sterger denied that and stayed with her decision.

Jenn Sterger personal life

Sterger happily married Cody Decker, a former Major League Baseball player. Decker and Sterger got engaged in 2016 and got married in 2018. They currently live in Los Angeles. There is no information about the children of the duo.

Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger Net Worth and Salary

Jenn Sterger earns $ 50,000 a year. She lives a dignified life in Los Angeles. As mentioned earlier, she is a simple girl who does not prefer to show off. Jenn is believed to have a total value of $ 1.5 MILLION. However, including her husband, Cody Decker’s total value of $ 25 million will be estimated at $ 26.5 million to spend for Jenn Sterger.


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