Joanne Minardi is the wife of Rick Pitino who is a professional college basketball coach. He is currently working as a head coach for Iona College and Greece’s Senior National Team. Besides, Rick has served as a coach to many clubs and colleges such as Boston Celtics, Louisville, Panathinaikos, New York Knicks, Boston University, NCAA Division I, University of Kentucky, and more.

Not to mention, Rick is considered the best basketball coach which cannot be possible because of his hard work and Joanne’s support. She is a philanthropist as well as a good wife who knows how to promote the welfare of her husband and others.

Besides, there is a strong bond between Joanne and Rick over the years even though their relationship goes up and down several times.

So, today we will talk about Joanne Minardi’s early life, age, career, relationship with rick Pitino and his cheating controversy, net worth, and active social media accounts.

Quick Info
Full NameJoanne Minardi
Date Of Birth1953
Birth PlaceLong island
Age68 years old
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Zodiac SignN/A
Martial StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Rick Pitino
ChildrenDaniel, Ryan, Michael, Richard, Jacqueline
Net WorthN/A

Joanne Minardi Early Life

Joanne Minardi was born in 1953 in long island. There is no information about her parents to whom she was born. That’s because Minardi is quite private about her personal life so that it will be difficult to gather information about her.

But we do know that Joanne grew up with her two older brothers along with her father. Again, we don’t know anything about her brother like where are they now and what are they doing.

Joanne Minardi
Image Source: Glob Intel

Apart from this, Minardi went to St. Dominic’s High School located in Oyster Bay, Long Island. It was the same school that Rick served as team captain of the basketball club. He was a dedicated person and always focuses on his goal which is the quality that Joanne has seen in Rick.


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Joanne Minardi Age

Joanne Minardi is currently 68 years old.


Joanne Minardi Career

As I already said, Joanne Minardi is private about her life who doesn’t want to get the attention of the media and the internet. So, there is no information about her past career like where she started her career.

But after marrying rick she was a co-founder of “Daniel Pitino Foundation” which is a non-profit organization. It was established in an honor of her son Daniel who has died in 1987 because of heart failure. So, since then rick and Joanne established the foundation in Kentucky to help underprivileged children so that they would receive a life-saving cardiac health care service for free.

Joanne Minardi
Image Source: The Daily News of Newburyport

Other than this, Minardi is also a Philanthropist that deals with promoting the welfare of people through fundraising and donation for good purposes.


Joanne Minardi Relationship with Rick Pitino

Joanne Minardi is happy with her husband Rick Pitino who is a basketball head coach. The couple met back in St. Dominic high school for the first time and since then they fell in love and started dating.

More, Minardi always supports her husband from the beginning. She has been through rick’s good as well as bad times so that he won’t lose his focus.

After a year in a relationship, Joanne and Rick finally decided to tie their knot on April 3, 1976.

Rick Pitino
Image Source: Wikipedia

Similarly, Joanne gives birth to four sons (Daniel, Ryan, Michael, and Richard) and a daughter named Jacqueline Pitino. She was a happy mother of five children until she has to lose one of her sons named Daniel because of heart failure.


Joanne Minardi Net Worth

There is no data about Joanne Minardi’s net worth till now.

But on the other side, Rick Pitino’s net worth is estimated around at $50 million according to various internal sources.


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Joanne Minardi Social Media

Joanne Minardi is not active on any social media accounts. It means she doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account where you can see her personal life moment and get to know her even more.

It’s obviously not to have linked with social media accounts because of her age. It’s a time to rest and only take care of her health rather than engaging with internet stuff.


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