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The “Los Angeles Lakers” is a professional basketball team from Los Angeles and also is a member of the “Western Conference Pacific Division.” It plays its home matches in “Staples Center.” The team is regarded as one of the most successful basketball teams in NBA history. It has won a total of 17 “NBA Championships.” The team also won the “1948 NBL Championship.”

Quick Info
Full NameLos Angeles Lakers
Date Of Establishment1947
Owner/ ManagerMorris Chalfen and Ben Berger
CoachFrank Paul Vogel
Net WorthUSD $4.4 billion

Los Angeles Lakers

The team also faced financial losses during the “1950s.” The team went for relocation in the “1960-61 season.” It also reached the “NBA Finals “ six times during the “1960s.” The player of the team Wilt Chamberlain won the “NBA Most Valuable Player” in 1968. Bill Sharman became the new head coach of the team in 1972. Pat Riley joined the team as the head coach in 1981. He along with James Worthy helped the team to become the “Powerhouse” in the 1980s.

The team had to do a lot of struggle during the 1960s. The team started to improve its game after the addition of Shaquille O’Neal in 1996. It also won three championships continuously from 2000 to 2002. The team succeeded to become the team to hold the record of holding the winning streak of 33 games.

Franchise History, Championship, Logo, Owner

After Morris Chalfen and Ben Berger of Minnesota bought the team “Detroit Gems”, the franchise history of the “Los Angeles Lakers” began in 1947. They bought the team from Maury Winston for $15, 000. John Kundla became the first head coach of the team. The team succeeded to lead the “League” with a final score of “43-17” and also won the “NBL Championship” in the 1947 season. The team joined the “Basketball Association of America” (BAA) in 1948 and won the “1949 BAA Finals” against the team “Washington Capitols.”

Los Angeles Lakers

The team also became the champions in the 1950 season. It had a final score of “51-17.” It won a total of 40 games in the “1952-53 season.” George Mikan from the team became the “MVP of the 1953 NBA All-Star Game.” The team won the “Straight Championship” for the third time in the 1950s while the team had the worst year in the “1957-58 season.” Elgin Baylor from the team became the “NBA Rookie of the Year” in 1958.

Likewise, the team saved from a crucial plane accident on 18th January 1960. The team was moving towards St. Louis when the plane crash-landed. Fortunately, everyone on the plane was safe. The team succeeded to win a total of 53 games in the “1962-63 season.” They started playing in the “The Forum” in 1967. The team won its “11th NBA Championship” in 13 seasons and Jerry West from the team became the “Finals MVP” for the first time.

The Los Angeles Lakers team won all 14 games in November and 16 games in December. It won a total of 72 games in the 1972 season. Jerry West became the “1972 NBA All-Star Game.” Bill Sharman of the team became the “Coach of the Year.” Chamberlain won the “NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award.” The team won a total of 60 games in the “1972-1973 NBA season.” It also won the “Pacific Division.”

Los Angeles Lakers

Moreover, the record of the team was “47-35” by the end of the “1978-79” season. The team also won the “Pacific Division” in the 1983 season.  The finals score of the team in the “1983-1984 season” was “54-28.” The team lost 43 games in total in the “1992-93 season.” Randy Pfund was the head coach of the team during that time. Magic Johnson joined the team as the coach in the middle of the “1993-94 season.” The team started to perform amazing after the addition of new players. It succeeded to win a total of 22 games in the final 25 games in the “1997-1998 season.” The team won a total of 31 games out of 26 played in the 1999-2000 season.  It won a total of 58 games in the 2001-02 season. It ended the 2002-2003 season with a final score of “11-19.”

The Los Angeles Lakers team created a lot of controversies due to the involvement of few players in the sexual assaults in the 2003-2004 season. The team won a total of 26 games in the 2007-2008 season. It succeeded to end the 2008-2009 season with the best score of “65-17.” The team won the match against “Orlando Magic” to earn their “15th NBA Championship.” The team became the first team to have a victory of 3000 games in the regular season in the history of the NBA on 13th January 2010. It was the match against the team “Dallas Mavericks” with a final score of “100-95.” The team finished the 2014 season with a final score of “21-61.” It was the fourth-worst record in the tournament. This was the worst record of the team in the history of the franchise. The team signed a contract with LeBron James on 9th July 2018. It was a four year deal of $154 million.

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The Los Angeles Lakers team is active on social media platforms. The Facebook page “Los Angeles Lakers” has 21M followers. The team goes with the name of “lakers” on Instagram with 15.9M followers and “Los Angeles Lakers” On Twitter with 9.5M followers. All the important news, schedules, changes, achievements, losses, and related information regarding the team is given by these platforms. These media have succeeded to become an easier medium for the followers to know about the team easily.

Net Worth

According to forbes.com, the Los Angeles Lakers team has a value net worth of $4.4 billion as of 2020.