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Quick Info
Full NameNicholas Edward Foles
Date Of Birth20th January 1989
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas, US
Parent(s)Larry Foles (Father)
Melissa Foles (Mother)
Wife(s)Tori Moore (2014-Present)
Age31 years
Height6 ft 6 in
Net WorthUS $102 million


Nick Foles was born on 20th January in 1989. His nationality is American, as he was born in the capital city of Texas, Austin. He is the only son of Larry and Melissa Foles, while the other two children are daughters, namely Katie Foles and Lacey Foles. Nick’s given birth name is Nicholas Edward Foles. His family owns the restaurant in Texas and is a self-made millionaire through the restaurant.

Foles attended Westlake High School in Texas and started playing football during his early days in school. He set a record of 5658 yards to throw and 56 touchdowns breaking the previous highest record of Drew Brees in his starter year. Foles was not only good at football, but he was excellent in Basketball too. For his performance in Basketball, Nick Foles received two MVP honors.

He played football as a kicker in the Baltimore Ravens team and for Kyle Adams during his high school. He also played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears as the free-agent tight end. After graduating from high school, Nick Foles attended Arizona State and Michigan State before transferring to the University of Arizona.

Nick Foles


Nick Foles attended Michigan State, where he played the game against Alabama- Birmingham, where for 57 yards, he made five successful passes out of 8. But he went to the University of Arizona after a year and was redshirted. Foles played as the quarterback in the college, and during his first two matches, the team won against Central Michigan and Northern Arizona. Later on, the team again won the game against Oregon State.

Foles led the team to victory against Iowa by 7-1 points in 2010. He made an overall of twenty touchdowns, 4,334 yards, and ten receptions during his junior year. He was in rank at the No. 5 in NCAA Division I FBS and No.1 in Pac-12 Conference. Also, for the passing yard, he came to the second position of Pac-12 and in No.20 of the FBS player. In his second season, Nick Foles successfully made 20 touchdowns, and for 4,334 yards, he completed 387 passes out of 560.



In the 2012 NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles choose him in the third round. He signed the contract for four years with the Eagles and made his NFL debut after a few weeks of his joining the team. During his first game in the season, for 44 yards, he made his first touchdown, and for 219 yards, he completed 22 successful passes out of 32 with additional one interceptions. During Foles’ first matches, the Eagles lost to Redskins by 31-6  points. As a starter, Foles made his first career win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 23-21 points, but he suffers an injury at the end of the season.

Nick Foles

During the 2013 seasons, Foles led the Eagles to victory against New York Giants by 36-21. He made his breakthrough performance during October against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For 296 yards, he completed 22 successful passes out of 31 attempts with the additional three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. In the third starting match of Nick Foles, he earned his first NFC Offensive Player of The Week Award after his outstanding performances against the Oakland Raiders.

In November, Foles achieved his first NFC Player of the Month for his performances. After that, in the following seasons, Foles led the Eagles to victory over each match, reaching the spot in NFC East and winning the Division III title in NFC. In the 2014 Prow Bowl, Foles won the award Pro Bowl Offensive MVP.

During the season 2014, Foles had his best game defeating the Washington Redskins by 37-34. Foles hit the 36 completions with a 62 throw with additional two touchdowns and 411 passing yards, setting the new franchise record.

After the end of his contract with the Eagles, he signed a new deal with St. Louis Rams for two years and was worth 24.5 million dollars. In his first match for the Rams, he led the team to win against the No.1 defense Seattle Seahawks. After that, he had quite a disappointing game for the Rams, so he left the group and signed a new contract with Kansas City Chiefs in 2016. Nick Foles led the team against the Jaguars to win by 19-14 points, but in 2017, he considers him as a free agent.

In 2017, he signed another contract with Philadelphia Eagles for two years. After playing for the team for two years, he signed an 88 million worth contract with Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019 for four years. During his first week, Foles suffers an injury while playing against Kansas City Chiefs. After returning from his injuries, Foles lost against the Indianapolis Colts by 33013 points and was again defeated against Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 25-0. Later on, in March, in 2020, Nick Foles was exchanged to Chicago Bears, and he is currently playing for the team.

Nick Foles


Nick is committed to Tori Moore, and they have a daughter and a son together. Tori Moore gave birth to their first child, a daughter, in 2017 and named Lily James Foles, and in June of 2020, she gave birth to their first son Duke Nathan Foles. Foles became related to Evan Moore, the former American football tight end, after marrying his sister in 2014.

In 2018, Foles released his book called Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure, and Overcoming the Odds. The book is an autobiography. It became the fifth best-seller book in the New York Times.

Nick Foles is a firm believer in Christianity. He mentions his faith and devotion to God in every aspect of his life. He loves his wife and two children and is faithful and devoted to Christianity.



In 2019, Nick Foles signed the contract with Jacksonville Jaguars, which was worth 88 million dollars, of which his guaranteed payment was 50.1 million dollars. His price may rise and could reach a maximum of 102 million dollars. Thus, we can say that Nick Foles earns 22 million dollars early without any incentives and salaries, so his net worth can be estimated to be around 102 million dollars making him one of the highest-paid NFL players.