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Paul George has given a lot of contribution to America by representing the nation into different International tournaments and changing the face of a Basketball game as well, considered to be the strongest and best player of the American National Basketball team.

Because of his enormous tactical skills, ability to analyze the game and its direction, his quality to maintain the balance in the game made him the best player in American games. He is the idol for the people who love Basketball and who want to do something in the field of Basketball. Paul was an American player who played in Major tournaments of Basketball.

Quick Info
Full NamePaul Clifton Anthony George
Date Of BirthMay 2, 1990
Birth PlacePalmdale, California
Parent(s)Paulette George (Father)
ProfessionBasketball Player
Partner Daniela Rajic
Age30 years
Height6 ft 8 in
Net WorthUS $80 million

Basketball is one of the favourable game for America. This game requires strong players with extraordinary focus. So in this game, we can’t forget the name of Paul George. Paul is the American professional Basketball player, who is the valuable assets of America Basketball family. In American Basketball team, we are never going to forget the name of Mr Paul.


Paul George was Born on May 2, 1990, in Palmdale, California where Paul is the most youthful offspring of Paul George Sr. furthermore, Paulette George. He has two more established sisters, Teiosha and Portal. Their folks made a domain where they were urged to take up sports. Tisha was a b- ballplayer who has played Basketball at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Portala was another sister who is a volleyball player at California State University.

Paul George


Paul George grew up taking Kobe Bryant as an idol and being a committed supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. As he has been playing BasketballBasketball since he was a kid with one of her best playing basketball player Teiosha, who gave him his first exercises on the game by which he got impressed with the game later. During his sophomore year at Knight High School, Paul George was elevated to the varsity group and was the primary non-senior understudy in the beginning setup.

By the late spring of 2007, Paul George had gone ahead of the radar of enrollment specialists from different schools. His mentor had understood his actual potential also and was utilizing him in the primary function in the senior season. His secondary school mentor Tom Hegre told him to hang for better alternatives for him because he was the one to his talent. He got injured while going to Pepperdine University for his next match in California State University, Fresno.


His career started with many traumas. He struggles to get pace in his success in the year 2010, and Paul chose not to participate in the two school qualification at Fresno State. Instead of that, he decided of putting himself up for the NBA draft that year.

It ended up being a keen choice as Paul George approached to hold up in the green room during the occasion and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers as their tenth in the general pick. On July 1, he officially joined the Pacers in the wake of marking a two-year ensured new kid on the block contract for $3.9 million.

Paul George

He made his presentation in opposition to San Antonio Spurs on October 27. He scored four goals during that march. He had played and shown his calibre in up 61 games as playing significant player for the beginning arrangement in 19 of them.

The many seasons ended up being shockingly better for him. The Pacers expanded the mutual agreement with him on September 25, 2013, made him as their valuable assigned player of the game with his skills. He drove his group in their fourth progressive appearance at the end of the season games where the Miami Heat, in the future, defeated them.

This was the Pacers’ third sequential thrashing against the Heat at the end of the season games. During that phase, he went through the medical attention and went surgery in which a pin was embedded in his leg for reducing his leg complexity.

In the regular season organized by different tournaments, he played in 81 games with his energy. He performed in seven games at the end of the season in the same year by making an average of 27.3 focuses per game which made him different than others. This was his last season of the game in  2014.

He is currently associated with Los Angeles Clipper.

Paul George


Paul was Born on May 2, 1990, in Palmdale, California. He was the youngest offspring of Paul George Sr. furthermore, Paulette George. In his background the report says, Paul George dated Callie Rivers who was the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers’ Head Coach Mr Doc Rivers.

They broke up in 2013 after they felt that It wouldn’t work out the reason of breakup was that he made pregnant to the dancer Rebica Then he decided to rid of Rajic and then she filed a case to paul by which he had to pay a considerable amount as penalty. After in the year 2007, got together with Rajic after they both were blessed with the daughter Natasha.


The official report says that the net worth of Paul George is around $80 million. Paul is in the list of most-respected and generously compensated star from NBA who is giving value to the NBA in return as well. The report also claimed the salary of paul approximately $30 million among compensation and supports, which was sufficient to make him one of the most generously compensated ballplayers on the planet maintaining such living the everyday life.