Tina Polovina is a name that supporters of Atalanta in Italy’s Serie A will remember because she is supposed to be the reason for the club’s star Josip Ilicic’s absence from the game.

Since late July 2020, Atalanta and Slovenian forward Josip Ilicic has been missing from football, which is where football fans expect him to be. According to remarks from Atalanta, his absence from the football world was due to personal issues. However, viral reports claimed that the 32-year-old footballer became depressed after catching his wife, Tina Polovina, cheating on him in their own Slovenian home.

Quick Info
NameTina Polovina
Date of birthN/A
Place of birthN/A
Marital StatusMarried
SpouceJosip Ilicic
ChildrenVictoria, Sofia

Tina Polvina Age

There is no official announcement of her age. Effectively she is 30 years old. According to the information we can say that she might born in 1994.

Tina Polovina
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The Slovenian, though, is said to have been a gymnast in the past. According to some reports, she previously competed for Slovenia as a 400-800 meter sprinter.

When Tina Polovina realized she couldn’t go any further as a gymnast or athlete, she gave up sports and went to work for the Slovenian Ministry of Education. That’s where she’s been working, which could explain why she didn’t follow her husband to Italy.

Relationship between Tina Poloviana and Josip Ilicic

Tina Polovina is a woman about whom little is known. There isn’t much known about her other than the fact that she is the wife of Josip llicic, who allegedly cheated on her husband.

Josip and his wife Tina Polovina met 11 years ago. The couple met at the facility where they trained in 2009 and began dating in 2010. Tina Polovina, like Josip Ilicic, comes from a sporting background.

Josip Ilicic is a Slovenian national player who played in the midfield for Atalanta. In 2007, Ilicic began his professional career with the Bonifika club. Interblock, Maribor, Palermo, Fiorentina, and Atalanta were among the clubs where he later played.

Tina Poloviana and Josip Ilicic began dating in 2009 and have remained together with little or no controversy. They were married at an unknown period in their relationship. However, it was assumed that they had their first kid in 2013. Sofia was her given name. Victoria, their second child, was born in 2018.

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Ilicic is so devoted to Tina that he constantly dedicates his goals to her practically every game he plays. He always does this by making a “little heart” symbol with his hands. This means that Ilicic told Tina Polovina how much he loves her 21 times, which is the number of goals he has scored in Atalanta’s 34 outings this season.

According to reports, when his country flew to Slovenia to surprise his wife, Ilicic discovered him with someone else. It was stated that the Slovenian football player was in a state of melancholy following the incident and that he could retire at the age of 32.

The fact that the football star scored for Tina could explain why he felt it was unnecessary for him to continue playing football after he allegedly caught her cheating on him, according to reports. Whatever transpired between the two lovers has cost Atalanta the chance to have their finest striker ready for Wednesday’s season-defining encounter against Paris Saint-Germain.

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Tina Polovina Net worth

Tina Polovina does not have earned much by herself. Her lavish lifestyle and luxury are the outcome of Slovenian Attacker. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sources, Josip Ilicic, a notable Association Football Player, has a net worth of $1-5 million at the age of 31. As a professional Association Football Player, he earned money. We can’t tell how much Tina Polovina does own precisely at the moment.

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Tina Polovina Instagram

Tina Polovina is quite active on various social media platforms. She shares her details and photos through her social media. Lots of fans of Josip Ilicic have also followed her. On her Instagram, her username is @tinailicic. She has 591 followers, following 408 accounts, and has made just 2 posts. Her Instagram account is set to private.

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While Ilicic’s Instagram is packed with insults against Tina Polovina, he reacted quickly with an Instagram Stories post. He released a selfie with his wife, presumably to put an end to the recent news. It’s unclear whether he has forgiven his children’s mother. It remains to be seen how the truth will be revealed.

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