World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an integrated media and entertainment organization from America. It is popular for its professional wrestling. Football, movies, and business merchandises are some of the branches of the WWE. The previous name of the company id “Capitol Wrestling Corporation” in 1950. It organizes a total of 450 live events in a year. The company has succeeded to reach 800 million homes across the globe in 28 different languages.

Quick Info
Full NameWorld Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
Founded7th January 1953
FoundersJess McMahon or Vincent J. McMahon
HeadquatersStamford, Connecticut, United States
Key PeopleVince McMahon
(Chairman and CEO)
Paul "Triple H" Levesque
(Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development)

Stephanie McMahon
(Chief Brand Officer)
Net WorthUS $5.71 Billion

The headquarter of World Wrestling Entertainment is in Stamford Connecticut. The ten offices of the company are located in Singapore, Dubai, Munich., Mumbai, New York, London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. WWE totally focuses on entertainment. It includes scripts, and choreographed matches. The owner of WWE Vince McMahon announced this information about WWE in order to escape taxes from commissions of athletic in 1989. The company established as “Sports Entertainment” in the 1980s. He holds 42% ownership of the company.


The company was previously known as “Titan Sports, Inc.,” on 21st February 1980. It owned the company “Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd” which was the holding company of the “World Wrestling Federation, Inc.” in 1982. The official name of the company changed into “World Wrestling Federation, Inc.” in 1998. The name of the company became “World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc.” in 1999. The final name of the company changed into “World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.” in 2002. The official name of the brand became the “WWE” in 2011.

History, WWE Championship, Players, and Career

The journey of the company began as “Capitol Wrestling Corporation” (CWC) on 7th January 1953. It became part of the ‘National Wrestling Alliance” (NWA). Vincent J. McMahon along with Toots Mondt succeeded to increase the booking of “NWA” to 70%. Both of them had a conflict with the “NWA.” It was during the booking procedure of ‘Nature Boy’ (Buddy Rogers) for the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship” in 1963. They left the NWA.

They established the “World Wide Wrestling Federation” (WWWF) in the process. Willie Gilzenberg became the first president of the “World Wide Wrestling Federation” in June 1963. Toots left the “WWWF” at the ending of the 1960s. Then, Vince McMahon joined the “NWA” again in 1971.

Vincent’s son along with his wife Linda started “Titan Sports, Inc., ” in 1980. They started with the trademarks of “WWF.” Vince Jr. purchased the “capitol” from his father in 1982 and decided to take the brand to the height of success it deserves. He had bought the rights on a “monthly payment basis.” It included the contract that missing of single payment would transfer the company’s ownership back to his father and his partners.  Vince managed loans and deal in order to take full ownership by June 1983. He succeeded to gain sole ownership with a sole investment of $1 million. Vince immediately started the “expansion process” that became a revolution in the wrestling scenario.


Moreover, most of the previous employees left the company at the annual meeting in 1983. The work of broadcasting the game in the “syndicated television” all over the United States. The company started generating income from television deals, selling tapes, and advertisements. The popularity of the company increased after the addition of Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper in the game. Jesse Ventura also appeared as an announcer. Most of the “AWA” and “NWA” wrestlers joined the “WWF.” Jimmy Snuka, Junkyard Dog, Greg Valentine, The Iron Sheik, Don Muraco, Ricky Steamboat, and Paul Orndorff. The company organized a “WWF National Tour. ” This nearly broke the company.

But just after “WrestleMania”, a new hope for a wrestling scenario arose. The concept became a successful one. This helped to establish “WrestleMania” as the “Superbowl of Professional Wrestling.”  The business started to take a shape within few years after the event. The company came up with “Wrestling Boom” in the 1980s. It along with “WrestleMania III” started gaining popularity in 1987. They were “pay-per-view” events. The show succeeded to gather a total of 93,173 audiences for the match. This became a record for a total of twenty-nine years.

The match between “Hulk Hogan” and “Andre the Giant” became the “Most-watched” match in the history of television in North America. The match during the “WrestleMania 32” succeeded to gather a television audience of 33 million.


A new era in the “WWF” started to begin after the addition of Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, The Undertaker, Diesels, and Shawn Michaels. The event “Monday Night Raw” became the first event to telecast through cable in January 1993. The company began an adult-oriented program titling “Attitude Era.” Another program “SmackDown!” began on April 29th, 1999. The name “World Wrestling Federation” (WWE) came into operation on 5th May 2002.

The company decided to function with two rosters “SmackDown!” and “Raw” in March 2002. This resulted in splitting wrestlers in both brands. The ending of these brands was on 29th August 2011. And wrestlers from both brands started to join the other brand. The company started organizing matches from the “Amway Center” in August 2020.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

WWE is active on social media platforms. The Facebook page of “WWE” has 40M followers. It goes with the name of “WWE” 23.1M followers and “WWE” on Twitter with 11M followers.  Its official website is www.wwe.com. The company uses all these channels to keep the wrestling lovers updated about all the ongoing changes.

Net Worth, Revenue

Although the exact figures of the net worth of WWE are not clear, according to corporate.wwe.com, there is a “Third Quarter 2020 Highlights” available. According to the highlights, the revenue of WWE was $221.6 million. It had increased by 19% approximately $35.3 million.

As of 2020, the WWE net worth is listed as $5.71 billion.