The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, is one of the best-known Superstars in WWE history, if not the most popular. Until his retirement in 2020, he was one of the fiercest wrestlers in the franchise with almost zero haters. Reigning undefeated in Wrestlemania for more than two decades, The Undertaker has created a legacy that no one could break. 

The only WWE Superstar who has remained active for such a long period of time, he has been one of the crown jewels of the WWE for the better part of the twenty-first century. 

Even though we all know about his outstanding records and memorable episodes from the WWE shows, there are significantly fewer facts about him in public. So we dug deeper to find out more about the Dead Man’s personal life and documented it for our readers. 

Throughout his WWE career, the Undertaker has remained a mystery that always fascinates people. From his ‘Return from the Dead’ incident to him marrying a WWE superstar in the ring, the Phenom has always remained a shadowy figure that strikes fear in the people’s minds. 


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The Undertaker has been married thrice over the past two decades and is a father to four children. While he was a part of the WWE universe, he somehow managed to maintain a healthy WWE career and also hectic personal life.



It is rare for WWE to use real-life family members of the stars as a part of the storyline these days. Still, back in 2001, WWE decided to include The Undertaker’s real wife Sara as a part of the feud between Diamond Dallas Page and her husband, The Undertaker. It was well known to the public at the time that she was The Undertaker’s real-life wife. Sara Calaway was married to the Dead Man from the year 2000 to 2007. 

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Sara, in fact, was The Undertaker’s second wife, but as a gesture of love, he had tattooed her name on his throat, which was publicly visible to everyone. However, after their split, he has since covered the tattoo up with a chain tattoo. 



The Undertaker divorced Sara back in 2007, and it was then made public that he was in a relationship with WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Michelle, who had been known as a beautiful and athletic wrestler, but the couple seemed to be mismatched, taking The Undertaker’s persona into account. However, outside in the real world, it is thought that the Dead Man is the complete opposite of his on-screen character. 

It was not known at the time how long the couple had been together before they publicized their relationship, but they continued to date for another few years before deciding to get married in 2010. A couple of years later, they welcomed their first daughter together, whom they named Kaia Faith. Born in 2012, she is the only child he has with his current wife, Michelle McCool. Though The Undertaker already has children with his former wives. 

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Being together in the WWE franchise with shows around the year, staying, traveling, and living together for almost 300 days a year, it is not unnatural that WWE stars get romantically engaged with one another. Apart from The Undertaker and Michelle, there are other famous couples like John Cena and Nikki Bella, The Miz and Maryse, Dean Ambrose, and Renee Young who are dating or married to each other in real life. 


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This was a rumor that started backstage back in 2006 that The Undertaker had now split with Sara and was dating Michelle before his marriage was officially ended. It is also thought that Undertaker’s infidelity was why Sara split up with him in the first place.  

It gets even more interesting to know that Michelle McCool married her high school sweetheart before she made her WWE debut back in 2004. But in 2006, she too divorced him and was probably in an extramarital affair with The Undertaker before she decided to split up from her husband. 

It was thought that Michelle managed to become a huge star in the WWE during her final years with the franchise because of her relationship with The Undertaker. It was rumored by the fans that she did this with the sole purpose of achieving stardom. 

The four-time Divas’ Champion explained that she didn’t marry The Undertaker for any professional gains, and it has gone on to be proven right as the couple continues to live a happy life together even after both of them have quit the WWE and have been maintaining a family for more than 10 years since. 



Michelle has been out of the WWE scene for a number of years and has instead decided to focus on raising her family out of the spotlight. She is, however, active on Social Media and regularly posts on Instagram.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2016, and as an awareness post, she urged young girls to use sun protection cream when out so that they too would not have to face her fate. She said that because of her skin condition, she was now being forced to have holes cut out of her skin in order to save her life.


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Before all this, The Undertaker was initially married to his first wife, Jodi Lynn, back in 1989, just before he made his WWE debut.  She was not involved in his professional life in any way and was a stay-at-home wife while he toured with the company. The couple gave birth to a son, Gunnar, in 1993, but their marriage failed after more than a decade of them getting married. The couple decided to file for divorce in 1999, and it was finalized in May of the same year, just two days after their son’s sixth birthday.

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The Undertaker was very close to wrestler Brian Lee during his early years in WWE. They both came from the same background and were partners before joining the WWE. Back then Brian was also close with The Undertaker’s wife, Jodi. However, as The Undertaker traveled the country with the WWE franchise, Brian Lee started an affair with Jodi, which is thought to be the main reason which made The Undertaker divorce her. Brian Lee was then forced to leave the WWE franchise for his illicit actions, but this also saw a change in The Undertaker’s character, and the lesser-known love triangle is one of the most infamous ones in WWE history.



The Undertaker has to be one of the best characters in the WWE universe to this date. Once in 2019, he kidnapped Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of the franchise owner, and then forcefully married her on the ring. Of course, it was all part of the storyline, but to the fans around the world, Steph still remains his ring-wife. 



When The Undertaker married his second wife Sara in 2000, it was said that she was the love of his life, and even his tattoo signified that. But as we already know, the two couldn’t work things out as we expected, and after having two daughters together, Chasey, who was born in November 2002, and Gracie, who was born in May 2005, they divorced in 2006. They even had a social project outside the WWE. The Save the Animals Fund at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences was established under the couple’s efforts as a way to help pay for life-saving treatments for much larger breeds of dogs. Being a vast dog-lover, The Undertaker still operates with the charity today, and it is thought that Sara too is involved. 




The Undertaker had taken retirement from the WWE in November 2020. But before that, his recent wife Michelle regularly attended his pay-per-view events alongside her little daughter. At the Royal Rumble event, wrestler Shawn Michaels was seen exiting the ring and embracing Michelle, who was once again seated by the ringside to support her husband. She said that she doesn’t want her daughter to miss out on her daddy’s important matches. 


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