Tony Romo is a former American football player who played as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. 

Romo, who retired from the NFL in 2017 after spending 13 seasons with the Cowboys, has since moved on to take up broadcasting roles with CBS. 



Romo was considered one of the best quarterbacks in the game during his time and was invited to the Pro Bowls four times. In 2009, he was the NFL leader in passing yards and in NFL passing touchdowns in 2007.  

Although the team was unsuccessful in winning the Super Bowl during his tenure, he proved phenomenal for the Cowboys, taking them to regional playoffs multiple times in his 13-year stay.

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After retirement, Romo quickly joined CBS as a sports analyst for the network. Quickly discovering his knack for analysis and his game intelligence, Tony Romo won widespread praises for the NFL match analysis he provided. 

Romo had joined the network in 2017 as its lead color analyst for the following season. He quickly found the rhythm in his work, and his spot-on breakdowns of offensive formations and predicting plays pre-snap rapidly made him one of the hottest assets in the sports broadcasting business. 

Seeming aware of his unique potential, CBS made him the highest-paid NFL analyst in the history of the game. 


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Tony Romo is estimated to have a gross worth of $70 million as of 2021. Having said that, it is not one hundred percent accounted for his actual net worth, as he made more than $127 million playings in the NFL and has secured endorsements from various brands and establishments, making him some sweet revenue.  

During his playing career, Romo averaged $9.1 million per season. In three seasons, he made more than $17 million each.  However, his new professional contract with CBS would eclipse that amount in just seven years. 



During his amazing run with the Dallas Cowboys, Romo earned a lot of fame and reputation nationwide. He was offered deals by various companies, and he endorsed multiple establishments and franchises during his playing career. 

From Corona Beer to Pizza Hut, Panini, Topps, and the sportswear company Under Armour, he has struck deals with multiple companies that were behind his signature in exchange for some hefty sum. 


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Tony Romo started his career with CBS as a sports analyst for the network. Initially, he was offered a contract for 3 years, during which he made a cumulative $10 million.

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But that is nothing compared to the new contract that the network has offered him. In February, CBS extended their contract with Romo, offering him a $17 million annual salary with added benefits. 

With the deal, Romo didn’t just break his personal record but broke the global record for a sportscaster. The previous record-holder for the highest annual salary for a sports analyst was John Madden, who earned $8 million a year during his days in the early 2000s. Even after accounting for inflation, that amount rounds up to around $14 million in recent times. 



The contract CBS has offered Romo will last for 10 years and will earn him somewhere about $175-$180 million in a decade. 

However, it has been reported that the contract initially binds the two together only for three years, and an extension to that will be made after CBS renews their broadcasting rights with NFL, which expires in 2022. 

After the contract between the network and the NFL is signed, the clause that binds Romo with CBS for 10 years will be invoked automatically, even if the new broadcasting rights for the network fall short of that period. 

Maybe they will find something else to fit his caliber should that happen, however unlikely that seems. 

Tony Romo
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Romo stands to make more than a million for each season game he analyses. However, the contract states that Romo also has to use his skills to analyze four post-season broadcasts, bringing that average figure down to $875,000 per game, with 20 games a year in total. 

There was a rumor when Romo’s rookie contract with CBS expired that ESPN might go for his services with a lucrative deal worth $20 million a year, but that didn’t turn out as ESPN might have expected, and Romo quickly was offered an extension by CBS, keeping him bound to the channel for 10 more years. 

Having only stepped into the analysis game in 2017 post his retirement, Romo offers an astounding level of insight in each game he analyses. He has made an immediate impression on viewers of the game across the league with his near-paranormal ability to predict how a play will unfold even before the ball is played.

CBS is set to broadcast the Super Bowl in 2021 again, which makes it certain that  Romo is going to make more than a majority of players on the field vying for the championship.  


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Romo has been living with his family in the Bent Tree Country Club in North Dallas since 2016. He initially moved there to stay close to his club’s headquarters so it would be easy to commute to and from work. After moving to the Country Club, he listed his family home for sale in the real estate market. His Irving, Texas home built in 1993, which had six bedrooms, four baths, a pool, and a spa, and also ample entertainment space in the backyard, was put on the market for $1.05 million.

The house was a 5,551-square-foot, Mediterranean-style residence in the gated community of Cottonwood Valley in Irving, TX.


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