Javier Mascherano

Who is Javier Mascherano? Javier Mascherano is a footballer from Argentina. He is popular for playing from the “defensive midfield” position.  Javier is one of the greatest players in the history of football. He is also popular for his leadership skills. Javier has strong leadership skills, sound knowledge of creating strategies, managing the team, and […]

Claudio Pizarro

Who is Claudio Pizarro? Claudio Pizarro is a former professional footballer from Peru. He is popular for playing from the “striker” position. Claudio has played along with Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich. He had played in 872 matches and succeeded to score 337 goals. Age and Bio  The full name of Claudio Pizarro is Claudio […]

David Villa

Who is David Villa? David Villa is a former professional footballer from Spain. He was popular for playing from the position of “Striker.” People know David for being the “Best Forwards” of his generation. He was the best striker in Spain. David used to play football with kids senior to his age. This gave him […]

Daniele de Rossi

Who is Daniele de Rossi? Daniele de Rossi is a former professional footballer from Italy. He used to play from the “Defensive Midfielder” position. Daniele is famous for playing for the club “Roma.” He was also part of the national team of Italy. Daniele played his first professional match in the “2001-2002 season.” He played […]

Ruud Gullit

Who is Ruud Gullit? Ruud Gullit is a former footballer from the Netherlands. Rudd is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He started playing football on the streets. In no time, he got the opportunity to join the club “HFC Haarlem.” Ruud was sixteen years old when he represented the club in the […]

Franco Baresi

Who is Franco Baresi? Franco Baresi is a former footballer and manager from Italy. Franco is currently a coach of the youth football team. He was famous for playing from the “Sweeper” and “Central Defender” position. Franco was part of the club “Milan” for 20 years. He was the captain of the team for 15 […]

Marco van Basten

Who is Marco van Basten? Marco van Basten is a famous former footballer from the Netherlands.  Marco succeeded to contribute a lot to the football fraternity in the short span of his career. He used to play from the position of “Striker.” Marco is famous for his dribbling skills, attacking skills, and passing skills. He […]

Roger Federer

Who is Roger Federer? Roger Federer is a professional tennis player from Switzerland. The “Association of Tennis Professionals” (ATP) has ranked him number five in the world. He has won the “Grand Slam” title in the “Single” category 20 times. Roger had also ranked number one in “ATP Ranking” in the global scenario for five […]

Dennis Bergkamp

Who is Dennis Bergkamp? Dennis Bergkamp is a professional former footballer from the Netherlands. He is currently a football coach. Dennis is popular for playing from the “Mid-Fielder” position. He has also played from the “Main Striker” and “Second Striker” position. He was in the “second Striker” position even till his last match. People also […]

Zinedine Zidane

Who is Zinedine Zidane? A record is an important step to start any journey. The record of anything is not only a source of information, it is also a piece of strong evidence, source and might be an inspiration. The present activity of the people will be a record for the upcoming generation to follow. […]