Football is considered one of the most enjoyed games of all time. Matter of fact, it is the most viewed game all over the world. Various professional teams fight against each other to win prestigious titles. Some Of the most enjoyed leagues are UEFA Champions League, European Super League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and many more. Of all these super cups and Leagues, European Super League is considered to be the most enjoyed leagues of all time.

It is loved by millions of people all over the world. You must be guessing European League means only those clubs which come under the European category will get to play this league. You’re right. There are other leagues like the English Premier League, where these European teams cannot participate. Let’s get to know about the history of the European Super League.

Quick Info 
Date of Establishment1998
ChairmanFlorentino Perez
Vice- PresidentsAndrea Agnail, Joel Glazer, John W. Henry, and Stan Kroenke
Total Registered Clubs12
Estimated Registration 20

When did European Super League Start?

European Super League was first introduced in 1998 but it has been unsuccessful since then. The motto was that 20 European football clubs will compete with each other to win this league. The proposal to establish this league was first presented in 1998.

European Super League.
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But the early plan was not successful. This league was established to be better than the UEFA League but the UEFA expanded their league to the Champions League. It began to thrive as Florentino Perez, the president of a famous Spanish football club handled this proposal. He began to discuss with the presidents of various European clubs.

As his proposal was visionary and motive, the European clubs accepted his invitations. But this proposal never was taken seriously. Later in 2020, several European clubs had to face a financial problem due to COVID-19. This league’s proposal reached to JPMorgan, a US billionaire and he invested $5 billion towards making this proposal go right. This league was originally played in 2018.


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European Super League and the Clubs

In 2018, after a press conference was held, several popular and professional European clubs were taking part in European Super League. Various English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and many more took part in this league. The Italian professional Clubs like Inter Milan, A.C Milan, and Juventus took part in this league.

European Super League
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The famous clubs like Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid also showed their interest in taking part in this league. Within 2021, a total of 12 clubs were registered in this league. Perez was a very visionary personality. He worked hard to turn this dream into reality. Now, European Super League or ESL is considered as one of the toughest and most enjoyed leagues of all time.


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Board Member

To organize something and to thrive on this, the company or certain organizations should be totally strict towards the rules and regulations and should be hand by the professionals. Likewise, the board members of the European Super League are very professionals and talented. The current chairman of this league is Florentino Perez. He is from Spain and is also the President of Real Madrid. There is four vice chairman for these leagues. They are Andrea Agnail, Joel Glazer, John W. Henry, and Stan Kroenke.


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How does it work?

European Super League was established to include twenty popular clubs within Europe. The fifteen clubs will be the permanent members and the five other clubs will play the game for the qualifications. During the early start of this league, the team will split into two groups and they will play a match of a total of 18 games. In the end, there would only be three teams who would qualify to play the Quarterfinal for this league. The founding club will get 32.5% of the total share and 15% of the total share would go to the broadcast partners like Amazon Prime Video, Media pro, Reuters, and many more.


Will Super League start for real?

European Super League has faced many things in their period. It has not been able to be successful since 1998. Although the agenda said that 20 European clubs will be in this league, only 12 clubs have participated in this league. The owners, chairman, and board members have apologized to the supporters.

European Super League
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There are some legal issues with this league however it has not been unfolded yet. Many popular clubs have rejected the proposal to play in this league. it is currently postponed due to these issues.


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